The Key to Choosing the Best Tennis Racket

The Key to Choosing the Best Tennis Racket

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Why is it Important to Choose a Good Tennis Racket?

When purchasing a tennis racket, you may not think it is important to review your options if you only plan to play tennis occasionally.

However, you may be surprised to know that even if you only plan to play tennis recreationally, comparing a few different tennis rackets may help you save money in the long run. This is because some of the lower cost tennis rackets may break much more quickly than tennis rackets that cost a little more.

Another reason to invest a little time in finding the perfect tennis racket for you is that there is different sizes and styles of rackets.

If you do not test out different models, you may end up with a racket that is a poor fit. This could lead to frustration, injury, and an impaired tennis game. Now that you know why it is important to choose a great tennis racket, how do find your perfect match?

What Features Do Tennis Rackets Have?

One main feature of tennis rackets is that they have different grips. The majority of grips for adult tennis players start from 4 inches and go through 4 and 5/8 inches. It is important to test out different sizes. In general, if there is too much extra room when you hold the racket, the grip will be too large. Many people prefer choosing a smaller racket over a larger one.

In addition to the grip, there are different lengths of rackets. The typical length of a tennis racket is 27 inches for adults. However, you can purchase rackets that are up to 29 inches in length if you want to increase the power of your swing. Longer racquets are better for intermediate and advanced players since one disadvantage is that they are hard to aim.

When choosing a racquet, you may find it helpful to know that there are three different types of tennis rackets. The Control Racket (which is also called the Player’s Racket) is ideal for professional tennis players. This racket has the smallest head, which makes hitting the ball a bit more difficult. It is also a bit heavier than the other two types.

The Power Racket (or Game Improvement Racket) is ideal for players who are just beginning. Some intermediate players even prefer this type of racket. These are light weight and have the biggest head out of all the rackets in order to enhance the likelihood that you will hit the ball with your swing.

The third type of racket is called the tweener racket. This racket is basically a racket that provides a balance between the aforementioned rackets.

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

Many players are unaware that tennis rackets can be made from different materials, which drastically influence the price of the racket. The rackets that are made from aluminum typically last the longest and are the least expensive. Graphite is another popular light-weight material that is used in tennis rackets.

If you are a new tennis player, you likely want to purchase a racket that is made from graphite or aluminum. More expensive rackets are made from other materials, like Kevlar, carbon fiber, and boron. These rackets tend to be less flexible and as such, can be more difficult for beginning players to use.

Lastly, one important factor that should not be ignored is the feel of the racket. As such, if you are able to make it to a store, the best method is to test out a few different rackets in-person. This will enable you to get a feel for which racket is the best match for you!


When purchasing a new tennis racket, you are highly encouraged to test out different styles before making a decision. Before making your purchase, you will want to consider a variety of criteria, such as the length of the tennis racket, the grip, and the size of the tennis racket head.

In general, rackets with larger heads are better for new players since they offer for stability. Tennis rackets also offer consumers choice when it comes to the materials from which they are made.

Emery Jean Chambers

It was good to know a little bit more information regarding racquets since I am planning to give tennis a try. You mentioned here that the ones made from aluminum are the ones that are the most durable yet the least expensive. For a beginner like me, I think that is the best racquet to use as I have a feeling that it will fly out of my hands more often than expected. Thanks!

    Tennis Player

    Emery i am glad you’re satisfied, but knowing which tennis racquet to use as a beginner does not make you jump to next level which is intermediate player. You need to keep equipping yourselves with more advice. Thanks for your comment !

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