Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids Review

Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids Review

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In any sport, choosing the right gear is almost as crucial as how you play the game. If you ever decide on playing tennis whether for fun or fitness, choosing the proper tennis racket should be on top of your priorities.

A lot of people make the mistake of just choosing the cheapest one available, thinking it wouldn’t matter since they are just starting out on the sport. That is actually a wrong mentality.

Just when you’re about to embark on a new sport, say tennis, for example, you have to make sure you have the right gear to begin with. The cheap one might even cost you more in the long run, especially when it breaks after just a few uses.

The right tennis racket for you should be dependent on your age and your skill level in the sport. Tennis rackets are usually designed specifically for beginners, some are for experts and intermediates, while there are also others made for kids.

The reason why kids have their own tennis racket line is that tennis is slowly emerging to be a popular physical fitness class sport.

The Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids is among the leading kids’ tennis racket readily available in the market today. It is known to be widely used in different countries, and it might be easy to see why.


It is made of premium quality aluminum.

In choosing which tennis racket to buy, one of the most common deciding factors is the material it is made of. Tennis rackets don’t come cheap in general, and knowing whether or not one is durable and ready for the long haul is important. For this one, the aluminum make assures you of high quality.

It is colorful.

It might not be important for expert or advanced tennis players, but it is considered to be another key factor for kids. Kids naturally want colorful and bright colored rackets, which also motivate them in learning the sport and eventually being good at it.

It has a smiley mark on the strings.

This feature adds to the kid-friendly look this tennis racket has. For kids, it could also serve as their consolation every time they miss a shot—that smile could even be contagious and keep kids smiling while playing tennis.


It has a large head.

Playing tennis for a long time should have taught you about how good it is to invest in a tennis racket with an oversized head. A large tennis head assures you of swifter shots and more accurate smashes. Since it covers a larger area, you can be more certain you can hit the ball.

It is light enough for kids.

Kids who are around 9 to 11 years old should find it easy to control and maneuver this racket. It is just the right size and weight, so they would not feel as tired and exhausted as compared to if they’re using larger rackets.

Its size complements that of kid players.

Buying your kid a tennis racket that is just right for their age is not just an additional expense, it is also a worthy investment. If you honestly think that your child reaps health and fitness benefits from the sport, it should never be seen as a waste of money.

Besides, a racket meant for adults would only strain their arms and might even cause them not to want to play anymore.

Its quality is comparable to professional tennis rackets.

If you think this racket is flimsy and of low quality just because it is meant for kids, think again. It is of high quality that you can even compare t to rackets used by professional players, just smaller and lighter to be kid-friendly.


The strings might not be as strong.

Though this racket features a strong and durable body, its strings might have a different story. Those may not be able to take an intensive game, most probably because it was designed for kids.

Perhaps its makers do not expect kids to play with such tension and intensity, so you might want to advise your kids to be more careful with the racket.

Its decorative paint peels off after a while.

This happens to almost any racket with color and is frankly understandable, but it could also be a turn-off. Its performance when being used in a game can be impressive, and that impression could well be tainted with this small flaw.


There are other kids rackets available boasting of the same large head.

However, what sets this one apart is its lightweight feature. Kids are not as strong as adults are, so they naturally would prefer and need one that is just the right weight for them.

This racket has shorter handles than other rackets.

This feature also contributes to its being lightweight. Extra-long handles in tennis rackets are great for adults and expert players, but not so much for beginners in such young ages.

This is sturdier and more durable than other tennis rackets meant for kids.

A lot of manufacturers, if not all of them, see kids’ tennis rackets as kids. That is the logical explanation why most products in this line can be flimsy and made of plastic instead of metal.

The Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids is different because of the high-grade metal it is made of.


This tennis racket has all the characteristics you are looking for in a good one. Though not entirely the best of the best, the Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids offers high quality and durability, which translates to being able to serve your children for a longer time as they enjoy playing tennis.

It hits the perfect balance between light and oversized, which could be great for kids from when they are just starting out on the sport to being an intermediate player. It can help them love playing tennis and be good at it, with its easy to control handle and head that could hit all the right spots.

This one could be just what your child needs for practice, and can even last them until they are ready enough for heavier and more expensive brands.

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