Street Tennis Club Rackets for Kids 2024 Review

Street Tennis Club Rackets for Kids Review

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If you want your child to learn tennis then you want to ensure that they have the right equipment, the right equipment will help them learn better and even learn faster and that is why you are out here looking at our tennis racket reviews.

Research shows that the right tennis racket can really create the right development of technique and stroke mechanics. Also, your child’s first experience with the game will greatly affect their lifetime attitude towards it and if you want them to have a good first experience you have to equip them with the absolutely right tools.

Street Tennis Club makes a number of tennis rackets for kids that will help you get just what your kids need to help them learn how to play tennis. They have rackets available in sizes from 17 to 21 inches so you can find a tennis racket from Street Tennis Club for your child no matter what their age is.

Their kid’s rackets are designed for children under the age of 10 and they have a number of other rackets for adult use as well.


You may think to yourself – there can‘t be much features to a tennis racket. And you are right in thinking this as this is much like any other tennis racket designed for kids. This is an ideal tennis racket for helping to hone the development of the skills of the young tennis player. It will assist with the development of technique and of stroke of mechanics.

The right racket also increases the likelihood of the racket hitting the ball. You will love how these rackets are made with different age groups in mind so that when you choose one it will be the right pick for your child’s age, size and capabilities.

Made from top quality aluminum the racket is lightweight yet durable at the same time. It also comes in a variety of colors that are fun and that will appeal to your little one.

Included with your purchase of one of these tennis rackets from Street Tennis Club is a free video game that allows your kids to play with the racket in your driveway. This is great as it allows them some time to practice and get used to the racket without the pressure of practice.

It also allows your kids to have fun with their rackets even outside of their tennis practice hours. It is a great way to get them to do some more outdoors stuff as well.


  • Solid feel
  • Durable being built from aluminum
  • Lightweight thanks to its aluminum structure
  • High quality strings
  • Different sizes for different age kids
  • Thick gauge strings are highly durable
  • Free video game included


  • Price


If you are looking for the right tennis racket to develop your child’s tennis talent then you will find that Street Tennis Club has a variety of kid sized tennis rackets available in different sizes to suit your child’s age and development capabilities. They have their tennis rackets in a variety of colors that will appeal to your children.

It is lightweight due to the fact that it is made from aluminum but it is also really durable so you don’t have to worry that it won’t be able to outlast your child. It is a bit pricey but if you want something that will really provide value for money this purchase will be money well spent.

It is designed specifically for kids and the different sizes offer you a different racket for each of your kids to have the perfect grasp, the perfect swing and the overall perfect handling of the rackets.


This compares well with other tennis rackets designed for kids when it comes to features and design. It features the typical design and is made from aluminum like so many other tennis rackets for kids on the market. You will find that the only real difference with this and others is its price.

This tends to be more expensive than other tennis rackets that are available for kids under the age of 10. This should not be a deal breaker though because you do get value for money with this purchase.


If you are looking for a good quality tennis racket that will stand up to your child’s battering and will help them to develop their technique better and faster so they will be playing like a pro in no time. You will love that they offer different sizes so even your two year old can get their own little tennis racket.

We definitely recommend this tennis racket to anyone looking for a racket for their kids. With different sizes available if you have multiple children you can purchase different ones to suit each child. We definitely recommend the Street Tennis Club Tennis rackets for kids.

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