Reviews For The Best 2018 Tennis Racquets

If you are tennis player you most probably own at least one tennis racquet.

With ultimate practice and time spent on the court you get to notice that a tennis racquets is always just an extension of your arm.

The process involved in choosing a tennis racquet depends on your player skill level. Beginner tennis players might look for a better all-around racquet that can help them develop their stroke.

Intermediate players choose racquets that will help them more to win games, primarily by choosing a tennis racquet that plays to their strengths. Advanced players on the other hand, have the most freedom. These are tennis players who play competitively and have been playing competitively for years.

They know their playing style and they know how to win tennis games. These are players who look for a racquet specifically tailored to their playing style and their unique strengths and weaknesses.

The following are the best tennis racquet recommendations from 2018, with a focus on the 3 player levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced tennis players.

The most important things to look at when choosing a suitable tennis racquet, are: the head size, the racquet weight, the racquet length, the balance of the racquet and the stiffness of the racquet. Last but not least, it is extremely important to choose the correct grip size as you want to get the right feel when hitting the tennis ball.

Tennis racquets vary so much. Some players prefer the weightier racquet to give them that added power to blow opponents off the court, while some prefer a lighter, more controlled racquet, to guide shots past the opponent standing on the other side of the net.

But no matter how you prefer your racquet to feel, it is the most important part of your equipment. Head size, grip, string tightness and the sweet-spot area are all things that are taken into consideration when choosing the weapon to best slay your rivals.


For Beginner Tennis Players

Babolat Pure drive is an excellent option for beginners, the larger head size means bigger sweet-spot and therefore it will be more forgiving on the ground strokes.

Spin and power come very easily and it also makes life easier when volleying. The woofer technology enhances control of the ball and the cortex system will give you the necessary control level and improve the feel for the ball.

Specifications: Head Size: 115 square inches, Length: 27,6 inches, Weight: 255 grams, Balance: 355mm (Head Heavy) and Composition: Graphite


The Prince Textreme Tour 100T racquet is highly recommended to tennis players who crave for a faster and a controllable powerful racquet. The racquet update makes use of Textreme- a strong and light material that is used in Formula 1 cars, which makes the racquet more stable without necessarily depriving it of its maneuverability. This racquet is overly recommended for use by the beginner players but may considered too light for the intermediate players.

Specifications: Length: 27 inches/69 centimeters, Head Size: 100 square inches/645 square centimeters, Weight: 10.8 ounces/306 grams, Balance Point: 13 inches/33 centimeters, Head Light: 4pts, Construction: 22mm / 23mm / 22mm, Composition: Graphite & Textreme, String Pattern: 16 Mains / 18 Crosses

The Wilson Hope Lite has an over-sized racquet head and is also light weight makes this a perfect racquet for any beginner tennis player. After we have tested it, we can confirm that it plays very smoothly and is very forgiving for those who do not strike the ball 100% clean just yet as it has got a big sweet-spot.

Specifications: Head Size: 105 square inches, Length: 27 inches, Strung Weight: 293 grams, Balance: 6 points Head Light, Swing weight: 262 grams and Beam width: 25/23 mm.

For Intermediate Players

Babolat Drive Lite is very user friendly and players will find that it is a speedy racquet that accelerates fairly easily. It is suitable for juniors and intermediate players, but the beginners could also find it very appealing. The Woofer technology together with the Cortex system minimize vibrations and provide a very smooth and lively feel.

Specifications: Head Size: 100 square inches, Length: 27 inches, Strung Weight: 9.6oz, Balance: 2 points Head Heavy, Swing weight: 294 grams, Beam Width: 23.5mm / 25.5mm / 23mm.


Wilson Burn 100S is a racquet that offers great comfort and feel from the baseline. It is a fairly powerful stick and accelerates very smoothly when serving. Players with two-handed backhands will definitely appreciate the X2 Shaft which features a longer handle for increased leverage and feel. Specifications: Head Size: 100 square inches, Length: 27 inches, Strung Weight: 10.6oz , Balance: 2 points Head Light, Swing weight: 314 grams, Beam Width: 23.5mm / 25mm / 24.5mm.

Volkl V-Sense 8 300g Racquets are known for their versatility and their ultimate blend of power, spin and comfort in the right hand of a well-versed player. However, the V-sense series brings in a whole new lot of features into the game like less angular beam shape that gives the player the preferred feel. The V-sense 8 is also a great tool for gaining massive amount of depth and spin for groundstrokes. The comfortable V-sense 8 is a great fit for a wide variety of game styles because of its ability to blend power and maneuver easily.

Specifications: Length: 27 in  /69 cm, Head Size:100 sq. in /645 sq. cm, Weight:11 oz /312 gm, Balance Point: 13 in /33 cm, Head Light: 4pts, Construction: 22mm/24mm/22mm/, Composition: Graphite/C3 Material, String Pattern: 16 Mains / 18 Crosses

 For Advanced Tennis Players

The most popular picks are:


Wilson Blade 98 Countervail is the new 18×20 Countervail that delivers on its promise to provide a dampened, low vibration feel. With lots of power and spin this is truly one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players looking to dominate at the baseline and win straight off of the serve.


The combination of larger hitting area, pro-level swing weight (327), and extra length all contribute to the immense power. Made solid by the Countervail carbon fiber frame and mass, this racquet is also excellent at night. Specifications: Head Size: 98 square inches, Length: 27 inches, Strung Weight: 11.3Oz, Balance: 3 points Head Light, Swing weight: 327 grams, Beam Width: 21.5mm / 21.5mm / 21.5mm.



The Wilson Burn 100 countervail racquet is the official racquet for Simona Halep in 2018. The racquet helps the player gain great power and spin due to its comfort and feel. The Wilson burn 100 countervail is also fairly easy to swing generating the right amount of head speed for perfect spins. The racquet which is ideal for baseline players is equipped with great maneuverable specifications which offer great power, stability and depth on groundstrokes, volleys and returns.

Specifications: Length: 27 in /69 cm, Head Size: 100 sq in /645 sq cm, Weight: 11.2 oz /318 gm, Balance Point: 13 in /33 cm, Head Light: 4pts, Construction: 23.5mm / 25mm / 23.5mm, Composition: Graphite/Countervail, String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Not all tennis players will like all racquets, and most will prefer one to another, depending on their ability and the respective strengths and weaknesses on the court. That is why testing is key, as one player’s wand is another player’s stick.

Price ranges also vary so it is important to consider your price bracket, regardless of brand, getting the correct weight and balance is a lot more important than the name on the base of the handle.

These are all top-quality racquets, but the Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon Edition is the post popular among testers given its all-round strengths. It provides accuracy, control and allows you to generate your own power with its lightest racquet-head. Below is a list of racquets used by professional male tennis players in 2018.


Serena Williams Racquet 2018 –Wilson Blade SW104Autograph Countervail


The 11.4 oz static weight racquet is definitely not a light weight and is considered one of the most lethal of racquets when at the mercy of someone who has technique and strength to wield it. Though the Wilson blade sw104 autograph countervail swings heavier than the pro staff rw97 autograph the racquet is indeed very good with stability, plow through and power.

This racquet though is not suitable for someone with lazy feet and a slow preparation because the 28-inch racquet is not easy to maneuver. It is not also easily controllable but that does not count as because of its full-blown power when used by someone with a wide skillset.


Length             28 inches / 71 cm

Head Size        104 sq. inches / 671 sq. cm

Weight             11.4 oz /323 gm

Balance Point  13.4 in /34 cm

Head Light      5pts

Construction   22mm Straight Beam

Composition    Countervail/ Graphite

String Pattern  18 Mains / 19 Crosses

Novak Djokovic Racquet 2018 – Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro



The Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro is a classic control racquet that offers players a faster swing. This is widely enabled by the enlarged space between the cross strings of the 18 * 20 cross pattern which offers extra spin and power. The powerful racquet has also been reinforced with graphene at 3, 9, 12 o’clock positions which makes it have a thicker beam and thus giving it a crisp speedy explosive feel.


The graphene 360 speed pro is quick on the ball with serves and lets its user pick targets with ease. The good control and easy acceleration of this racquet lets the user be precise with taking big swings. All in all, the 360-pro update of the Head Graphene makes it most recommendable due to blend of power and control, easy maneuverability, friendly spin and a faster swing.



Length             27 in. /69 cm

Head Size        100 sq. in / 645 sq cm

Weight             11.5 oz /326 gm

Balance Point  12.79 in /32 cm

Head Light      6pts

Construction   23mm / 23mm /23mm

Composition    Graphene 360/Graphite

String Pattern  18 Mains / 20 Crosses

Flex Rating     score: 62          Range: 0-100

Swing Weight score: 318        Range: 200-400


Rafael Nadal Racquet 2019 –Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet


TheBabolat  Pure Aero is powerful and spin friendly racquet that replaces the Aero Pure Drive. The racquet is also a great partner with its pure comfortable playing experience which is thanks to its elongated grommet holes that allow the strings to absorb more vibrations. The open and comfortable string bed also helps to bring out the comfortable experience to the racquet user.

The 2019 Pure Aero technology: AEROMODULAR TECHNOLOGY: Updated aerodynamic frame with an optimized design for increased racquet head speed. FSI SPIN: Open string pattern with oblong shaped grommets to generate more spin. CORTEX PURE FEEL: Better vibration damping thanks to new material powered by SMAC integrated in the graphite at 3 and 9 o’clock that provides an exceptional feel. CARBONPLY STABILIZER: Superior stability for increased precision thanks to a new generation of high performance carbon fibers developed by Chomarat added in the core of the racquet.

Sensors built into its handle provide players with previously unavailable data about their game, such as power, ball impact zone, type and number of hits (forehand, backhand, service, smash), spin, endurance and technique, while maintaining the racket’s performance.


Head Size:100 square inches/ 645.16 square centimeters

Length: 27 inches / 69 centimeters

Strung Weight: 11.1 Oz / 315grams

Balance: 4 points Head Light

Swing weight: 327 grams

Stiffness: 69

Beam Width: 23mm/26mm/23mm

String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses


Andy Murray Racquet 2018 – Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro

Head has given the Radical a new design, along with the addition of Graphene Touch. The new innovative technology allows the racket to have more shock absorption, giving the player great amounts of touch throughout each stoke, without compromising power and control. The Graphene Touch Radical Pro weighs in at 10.9oz (unstrung) and offers a stable surface to strike the ball at a higher swing speed. Complimenting the weight is a dynamic 16×19 string pattern, allowing a slight amount of forgiveness essential for players taking a bigger swing out on the ball. Additionally, our playtesters have reported the balance of the racquet felt incredible. The overall weight coupled with the way it is distributed by use of the Graphene also allows the racquet to be extremely stable feeling on contact. It retains a head light balance, allowing it to be highly maneuverable and easy to bring through the contact zone, despite the increased weight.


Head Size: 98 square inches / 632 square centimeters

Length: 27 inches / 69 centimeters

Strung Weight: 11.5Oz / 329 grams

Balance: 5 points Head Light

Swing weight: 335

Stiffness: 67

Beam Width: 20mm / 23mm / 21mm /

String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses


Kei Nishikori Racquet 2018 – Wilson Burn 95

The Wilson Burn 95 has always been ranked as a best game player to players who are eager to dictate on the court. And here is why: the racquet has a slightly longer handle that makes it easier for the player to get around to the ball while on a two-hand backhand. The 330-swing weight of the Wilson Burn 95 also makes it very maneuverable and also thanks to its raw power during the play.

This is most definitely a huge giveaway to the modern player who is looking forward to turn up the heat in the court with preferred smaller head size and its ultimate wielding power. This slightly extended (27.25″) 95 square inch racquet will reward players who can tame its explosiveness.



Head Size        : 95 square inches / 612.9 square centimeters

Length             : 27.25 inches / 69.22 centimetres

Strung Weight : 11.8 Oz / 334.52 grams

Balance           : 5 points Head Light

Swing weight  : 335

Stiffness          : 68

Beam Width    : 22 mm / 22 mm / 22 mm /

String Pattern  : 16 Mains / 20 Crosses


Nick Kyrgios racquet 2018 – Yonex EZONE 98 racquet.

The EZONE was first launched in 2012 and it has persisted through 3 different generations offering exceptional responsive performance to the modern tennis player with softer and better ball pocketing on impact with the racquet.

The downside of this update of the EZONE DR 98 which is the EZONE 98(305g) is that it has average control power though it offers players a firmer and effectively powerful and spin friendly tennis game. It all depends on your preference when choosing between the softer feel of the DR and the firmer powerful response of its update -the Yonex EZONE 98.


Length             27 in /69 cm

Head Size        98 sq in .632 sq cm

Weight             11.4 oz /323 gm

Balance Point  12.8 in /33 cm

Head Light      6pts

Construction   23mm / 24mm / 19mm /

Composition    HM Graphite, Hyper MG, Nanometric DR, Quake Shut Gel Air

String Pattern  16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Flex Rating     score: 63          Range: 0-100

Swing Weight score: 316        Range: 200-400


Roger Federer Racquet 2018 – Wilson Pro Staff RF97

It deploys Wilson’s timeless Pro Staff formula, including a braided graphite lay-up, head light balance, thin beam and Perimeter Weighting System. It has a thin leather grip making it have a classic feel.

This re-engineered Pro Staff has a slightly wider, more angular beam, giving it a decidedly more powerful delivery than most traditional player’s racquets. At 12.6 ounces strung, Federer’s Pro Staff gives you massive plow-through and tour level stability, allowing you to redirect heavy pace with impressive ease.


Head Size: 97 square inches/ 625.81 square centimetres.

Length: 27 inches / 68.58 centimetres

Strung Weight: 12.6oz / 357.2 grams

Balance: 9 points Head Light

Swing weight: 335 grams

Stiffness: 68

Beam Width: 21.5 mm / 21.5 mm / 21.5mm

String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses



In a nutshell…
This article is very instrumental to any beginner or professional tennis player who wants to improve his/her game play in the court. It is important for one to discover his/her weak points in the court and mind you the strengths too so that one can discover what racquet to choose.
The Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph Countervail came out strongly as one of the most preferred racquets to tennis player who wish to wield more people and dictate the play in the court.
Intermediate tennis players are most recommended to go for the Wilson Burn 100S which is fairly light and powerful racquet and offers great comfort in the hand of the player.
As for beginner tennis players the Babolat Drive 115 is an excellent choice due to its easy maneuverability and its easy ability to wield. It is also light in weight thus becoming a major go to. Meet me in the court!




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