Knowing Tennis Racquet Ratings

Knowing Tennis Racquet Ratings

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Getting on a new sport usually requires thorough research on how it works and what you will need to get started. Tennis is not an exception to this rule, as there are gears you have to buy before you can start playing.

One of the most important gears is the tennis racquet. But, before getting too excited, get to know tennis racquet ratings and how to use them to your advantage.

Thankfully, it might just be what you need to buy when playing the sport, aside from the usual tennis shoes. You don’t really have to purchase tennis balls, except when you also play at home.

Otherwise, investing a little on a high quality tennis racquet would not have to wreak havoc on your savings.

Why should you invest in a good tennis racquet?

A high quality racquet will let you play the sport without getting too tired.

Needless to say, there is no need to have a heavy racquet when playing tennis. If you get one that does not match your weight, you will most probably end up with sore arms and might never want to play the sport again.

A good racquet allows you to hit all the sweet spots.

Tennis requires you to keep the ball afloat, which you do with the help of your racquet. Using low-quality racquets will increase your chances of missing the ball, especially when the head is too small.

On the other hand, a head that is too large might make the racquet too heavy, which won’t also do you any good.

A good racquet is an investment.

And a worthy one at that as well. If you ever choose to play tennis to keep your health on top condition or just a form of a hobby, you need to have a racquet that would make the game more enjoyable.

You wouldn’t want to get frustrated with a flimsy racquet with broken strings just when the game is getting more intense, would you?

Because tennis racquets rarely come cheap, with the low-quality ones starting to cost a lot as well, it is important to do some research on ratings and reviews to know which one is the best for you. As mentioned above, a good-quality tennis racquet is an investment if tennis is something you find joy in.

How do you choose which racquet to purchase? Here are a few of the most common tennis racquet ratings used by professionals.

Take note of the weight.

While some racquets are understandably heavy because of the material they are made of, which commonly is metal, you should also consider the weight where you feel most comfortable in. If you happen to buy a racquet that is too heavy for your comfort you will only end up using it less often.

One of the most crucial tennis racquet ratings, a racquet’s weight, should always be on the top of your list.

The head matters.

The size of the racquet head, that is. The racket head is where your shot depends. Naturally, an oversize head has more coverage area which further translates to more shots that hit the right spot. When it is too small, there might be more misses than sweet hits.

However, the right balance must be between the size of the tennis racquet head and the weight of the entire gear. When you find something with that balance, you know it is the one.

Extra long handles work better.

This is a general rule, although there might be a few exceptions and conditions, of course. Advanced tennis players prefer an extra long handle, saying it helps them control and maneuver the racquet easier.

This might not be the case for the beginners as tennis, as well as other sports, takes some learning and getting used to before they can hit their best shots like pros. To be safe, try swinging your preferred racquet before purchasing it.

That way, you can be sure you feel comfortable with what you have chosen.

Look at the string patterns.

There is a standard measurement and an exact number of strings to be used for the string pattern. With a variety of tennis racquets out in the market today, be wary of those that don’t follow the standard 16 Mains / 19 Crosses. Those might either be substandard, or simply not meant for professional use.

Find one that is as powerful as it is lightweight.

A lightweight tennis racquet should not be powerless. The best ones are powerful yet easy to control. Somehow, it should make you feel like a professional when in use.

These racquets are the ones worthy of your hard-earned money and can also be considered as a good investment, especially if you have grown to love tennis and plan to keep playing for a long time.

Shock pads should also be noted.

Shock pads absorb your stress and translates to more powerful smashes and hits. This also results to more sure hits instead of countless misses here and there. They also make your experience more enjoyable since they add a little softness to the hard metal racquet body.

Shock pads are meant to make your tennis racquets more stable and easier to swing. If you’re a little doubtful, try swinging it as if trying to hit a ball before actually spending money on it.

Rigid edges and matching handles might just be what you need.

Rigid edges and handles add power to the racquet and in your every shot. While it also depends on your skill level and preference, these features are proven to be helpful in making accurate smashes and shots since they are more heavy duty than the others.

It might take some time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it might turn out to be a really good sport investment.

While there are key factors we all consider when looking for the best tennis racquet, our choices are also highly subjective—mostly depending on our priorities and preferences. While most people prefer using lighter racquets, there are also another group who think they play better when using heavier ones.

It all depends on which one you feel most comfortable with and competitive in. Speaking of that, how you play should also be one of your concerns when choosing the right racquet.

Playing for fun and fitness is way different from playing competitively. The latter requires a more professional-grade, and perhaps more expensive gear.

But if tennis has become your passion, don’t even think twice of spending a little more on what would help you improve your skills. Just remember to consider these tennis racquet ratings before spending some of your extra cash.

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