It’s a new era in the Pure Aero legacy!

Rafael Nadal's Babolat 2019 Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

The redesigned and re-engineered 2019 Pure Aero is here. The updated Pure Aero features more control plus a better feel and is perfect for players who use spin as their weapon of choice to dominate the court. The 2019 Pure Aero technology: AEROMODULAR TECHNOLOGY: Updated aerodynamic frame with an optimized design for increased racquet head speed. FSI SPIN: Open string pattern with oblong shaped grommets to generate more spin. CORTEX PURE FEEL: Better vibration damping thanks to new material powered by SMAC integrated in the graphite at 3 and 9 o’clock that provides an exceptional feel. CARBONPLY STABILIZER: Superior stability for increased precision thanks to a new generation of high performance carbon fibers developed by Chomarat added in the core of the racquet. Like the player who endorses this racquet (Rafael Nadal), the Pure Aero feels fast and explosive from the baseline. The speedy response and grippy stringbed provide the recipe for hitting heavy spin-loaded balls that drop hard, and the higher trajectory response makes it easy to keep the ball deep. The mid 320 swingweight draws a nice compromise between speed and stability, and the quick handling makes this a great stick for those who like chasing down balls or ripping winners on the run. At net the Pure Aero plays great on fast exchanges, and there is enough power to finish points with a bang. UltimatelyThe Pure Aero remains a very obvious choice for aggressive baseliners looking to control the action with pace and spin.

''That said, this is the greatest racquet I've ever used, and I felt it from the very first ball! Rock solid and stable, all you have to do is put a string on the ball and it's coming back to your opponent with interest! Played both singles and doubles with this racquet and absolutely dominated from the very first day hitting''.
Rafa Nadal tennis racket 2019
John Sims
Tennis Coach
''Love this racquet. I was concerned that it might be too heavy after reading other reviews. But it is fine. Does not feel heavy at all and has great balance. It gives me better control than my Head Flexpoint and sneaky-good power. Some expert reviewers warn about a learning curve for beginners with this racquet, but I was hitting better with it right away, with a bit more spin. Some slightly mis-hit balls that in the past would have gone long seemed to be dropping in on the baseline. My brother tried it out of curiosity and she loved it too. I'm a novice player (maybe a 3.5). I think this racquet can be fine for advanced begginers as well as pros. ''
Rafael Nadal tennis racquet
Naomi Misha
Junior Tennis Player

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