Best Tennis Overgrip in 2024 (For Sweaty Hands)

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Do you know what’s tougher than re-gripping a tennis racquet?

Finding the best tennis overgrip for sweaty hands.

Not only will you spend man-hours scouring the internet to find this excellent tennis overgrip. Your excitement will maybe short lived if you choose the wrong tennis overgrip. Worst still, this may affect your performance on a tennis court.

I bet you don’t want to ruin your game or training session because of a poor overgip.

Want to know the best-selling tennis overgrip pro players use?

Continue reading because you are about to find the tennis gear for you.

EDITOR'S CHOICE 1. Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip, Pack of 3

  • Used by top players
  • Allows for the perfect feel
  • Available in multiple colors
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RUNNER UP 2. Head Super Comp Overgrip

  • Enhanced grip
  • Moisture absorbing
  • Easy application
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3. Babolat Pro Tour Grip

  • Package Weight: 1.12 Ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.54 Grams
Price Check Here
4. Volkl V Tac Overgrip

  • Tacky
  • Thin
  • Absorbent
Price Check Here
5. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

  • The choice of professionals
  • Used by hundreds of touring pros
  • 30 XL grips per pack
Price Check Here
6. Yonex Overgrip Super GRAP 3 Pack

  • Package contains one roll of 3 strips of overgrip
  • Includes grip tape
  • Great for any racquet sport
Price Check Here
7. Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip, 10-Pack

  • 10 XL grips per package
  • Durable construction
  • Tackiest tennis grip ever created
Price Check Here
8. Zingther Premium Super Tacky Professional Self-Adhesive Tennis Racket Grip Overgrip Tape

  • Super tacky
  • Easy to Apply and Organize
  • Strong self-adhesive
Price Check Here
9. Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip 12-Pack

  • Polyurethane construction with super-thin, high-stretch felt surface
  • Re-usable, waterproof storage bag keeps grips dry and fresh
  • Tapered starting end fore easy application
Price Check Here

But before we get there let’s look at:

3 Benefits of Using A Tennis Overgrip

Chances are, you might have heard about it. But you don’t know what it is or the benefit of using a Tennis Overgrip.

Definition of a Tennis Overgrip

A soft padding cloth-like tape wrapped around the handle of a tennis racquet to help improve a player’s grip. Okay, let’s look at the benefits:

Excellent Grip

The main advantage of using the best tennis overgrip is to give your racquet that extra stickiness. So that when you play the game, you are more stable and nothing slips on your hands.

If you have never used a tennis overgrip before, then you will be surprised the difference it can make when you are playing on the tennis court

Absorbs Sweat

Let’s face it.

No one likes sweaty hands. Sweaty hands can cause your racquet to slip out of the hands when you are playing the ball.

Even pro players like Federer and William, sweaty often between sets when they are playing. They forced to re-grip their tennis racquet between sets so that they can play with comfort.

The beauty of using overgrip is it absorbs sweat from the hands. Most importantly, prevent the racquet from slipping from your hands.


A great reason to use a tennis overgrip is that the soft padding cloth-like tape makes your hand comfortable.

Imagine holding a tennis racquet without tennis overgrip. If you are not used to, you may experience blisters on your hands or some form pain.

The overgrip has soft like materials that cushion from such a situation. You experience added comfort and pleasure when you hold the racquet.

It makes it easier for you to pass the ball and you use less effort because of the support you have on the grip.

Imagine the amount of time; you will spend on a single game of tennis. If you don’t have a tennis overgrip, you may have a difficult time finishing the game strong.

Now that you know the three main reasons why you should use tennis overgrip. Let’s look at the items you need to have.

Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip, Pack of 3

Guess what?

Wilson Pro tennis racquet overgrip is the best tennis overgrip you will ever get under 6 dollars.

Why do I consider Wilson Pro Tennis overgrip as the best? It is because the company has been producing excellent tennis gear in the past.

And this racquet overgrip is nothing different from the product they have in the past.

The one thing you will love about the overgrip is, you will feel comfortable. They are so easy tore-grip, which means, you won’t be wasting time.

But that’s not all. The Wilson Pro comes in three packs, which is enough to last for 2 to 3 years.

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2. Head Super Comp Overgrip

It comes second for a perfect reason. The thing I am most obsessed with this overgrip is the experience I had in the court with it.

Although they are cheap compared to Wilson Pro, they are sturdy and comfortable.

You are likely to experience a soft feel on the racquet. Best of all, they are not heavy. You can pass the ball and run around without feeling fatigued.

Do you know what? Nothing felt secure in my hands like using the Head Super Overgrip. It is the best gift; you will ever get to improve your tennis performance on the court.

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3. Babolat Pro Tour Grip

Babolat has its fan, and I can’t deny the fact that I am one of them.

My main reason:

Their overgrips are excellent and am not kidding this time. The only caveat with Babolat overgrip is that they are expensive compared to Wilson.

If you buy Babolatbecause of the price, you will make the wrong choice, and that’s exactly what I tell a tennis player.

Its price matches the value it provides. For instance, no overgrip offers superior comfort and absorbs sweat too much like the Babolat.

Its value alone matches what every Tennis player wants in tennis gear. Besides that, there’sone fact you have to admit about the Babolat.

They are beautiful, and no one wants to go to a tennis court with an ugly looking tennis overgrip

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4. Volkl V Tac Overgrip

Well, my list won’t be final without Volkl deserving a great mention.

Their stellar reputation on the tennis court makes them ideal for a recommendation. They excel in comfort and come in a different range of colors.

Which means, there is something for everyone in terms of options. Because of their variety of colors, they are a wide choice for kids. So, if you have a kid at home and wondering which overgrip to buy, try Volkl. You won’t go wrong.

Besides that, I foundVolkl to be easy to put on and sticky enough. In other words, they won’t pull off once you have applied them.

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5. Tourna Grip XL OriginalDry Feel Tennis Grip

Tournaovergrips are known for their performance and made to professional standards. Tourna overgrips can be seen on player’s racquets of all levels including grand slam champions.

This is the original overgrip used by professionals including Pete Sampras, JamesBlake, the Bryan Brothers, Sam Querrey, David Ferrer, JohnIsner, and many more. It’s used by more pro and college players than all other grips combined. Why? Because Tourna-Grip actually performs better with moisture when all other overgrips on the market get slippery with moisture.

Famous for its sweat absorption properties, it’s the only grip that gets tackier as you sweat!

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6. Yonex Overgrip SuperGRAP 3 Pack

Are the world bestseller grips! Super Grap reformed desires for overgrip execution by joining extraordinary tack, absorbency, and strong toughness.

Super Grap upgrades the playability of your racquet. It assimilates shock and sweat giving you phenomenal control and feel. Super Grap fits standard and long body racquets.

  • Spool of 3 overgrips with grip tape
  • One of the best overgrips on the planet
  • Comfortable, slightly tacky, adsorbent
  • Note- when installing remember to remove all plastic!

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7. Tourna Sampras VibrationDampener

Made popular by Pete Sampras. The center hole minimizes resistance to air when the racket is swung. One of the best string dampeners available. Will work on any racket.

The Pete Sampras VibrationDampener is a favorite choice to most, and to some is actually considered the only dampener worth using. Simply apply the Vibration Dampener to the strings by fitting it between the two center vertical strings, and then push it up into the first horizontal string. This maximizes the amount of vibration the dampener reduces.

Less Vibration sent down the arm, means less vibration sent through your muscles and tendons, leading up towards your elbow. In effect reducing the chance of you getting Tennis Elbow.

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8. Tourna Mega Tac ExtraTacky Overgrip, 10-Pack

TOURNAMEGA TAC is the tackiest tennis grip ever created. Period. No other grip comes close to delivering the same feel.

Mega Tac lasts 10 times as long as other tacky grips. Most other tacky grips lose their tack in about 30minutes of play. Mega Tac lasts about 10 to 14 hours under normal playing conditions.

Durable construction, Mega Tac will last a long time without falling apart, rolling up, or unraveling.

  • Comfortably hold the racquet with a lighter grip for better racquet whip and less ‘arm-y’ shots
  • Lock into a proper position when changing grips.
  • Adds comfort and confidence when changing grips

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9. Zingther Premium SuperTacky Professional Self-Adhesive Tennis Racket Grip Overgrip Tape (3-6-24-GripPacks)

Zingther premium super tacky overgrip is called SUPER OVERGRIP because it features super tacky, soft, rubbery cushioning and high-stretch felt for optimal grip feel at the same time as a sweat absorbent.

It’s professional. You don’t want to worry about losing grippy keep watch over with your racket in case you have Zingther Super Overgrip on it. Amazingly, it is durable and thin. This is the very best quality tacky grip tape for tennis rackets, badminton racquets, racquetball (racketball) racquets, squash rackets, and pickleball paddle if you wish to have a tacky feel and sweat absorbent.

It’s going to have better performance when used with Zingther premium leather grip as the handle cushion grip. The included finishing tape is in a position to stretch well so that it can protect the grip tape as well as electric tape.

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Final Conclusion

I know the most important part of a tennis racquet is the string. But a tennis overgrip plays a key role in how you perform in the tennis court.

If you want to hold your tennis racquet with easy. Then you need an excellent tennis overgrip that absorbs sweat and makes you feel comfortable.

With the four tennis overgrip that I have mentioned above. You will be in a position to choose the right tennis overgrip for yourself.

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